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Winner of the "Grand Award" from the Wine Spectator since 2004, over 60,000 bottles, about 3,500 labels, a cellar divided into a number of individually air-conditioned areas, a collection on a vast scale, wines from 1888 to the present day, cult wines: these are just some of the factors that make the cellar of La Pergola unique. It has received recognition worldwide, thanks to its "curator" Marco Reitano who has been awarded the Oscar del Vino, as the Best Italian Sommelier: his wine cellar is a masterpiece of absolute excellence which is not to be missed. 


A new group of professional is born, lovers of a job that is losing its own core identity.

What the waiter before, after the maitre and sommelier, that despite all the difficulties arose from the market, keep fighting and studying to afford the daily challenge.

A group of friends aimed at communicate and let people discover the job of those waiter and sommeliers working in restaurants and cellars.

Elegance, style, knowledge, but also simplicity, rationality and confidence when needed.

Waiters, confessors, maitre interlocutors and sommelier always looking for a "drink" that excites.

Vinòforum is a brand that bring together the best Italians and internationals wine companies that promotes wine and food products acknowledgement. The company main goal is to create a continuous connection and relations between companies, professionals, and consumers.


VINI ROSATI is a new web site born with the aim of promoting and highlighting exclusively the best Italian Pink Wines.  Our main goal is to overturn the common idea about  rosè wines  -  always associated to an idea of secondary wines - and give them the fair influence that they deserves. We believe that there is a special market pointed at Rosé wine, and we want to enhance the best national products in order to promote and widespread the knowledge about them .  wants to highlight the strengths of this wine category such as: quality , quality / price ratio, sharing the consumer  market with sparkling wines. For the first time on the web, a team of real professionals will play its expertise for the exclusive benefit of rosé wines by tasting and comparing.

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