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Class of 1972, is Chef Sommelier of La Pergola restaurant at Rome Cavalieri Hilton in Roma since 1994.

Marco has dedicated all of his life to this job; through a series of international experience he met several different cultures. While travelling, love and passion about wine and restaurants, has grown up every day more and more. 



Chevallier de l’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, honoured with the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand Award for the best wine list 

Since 2003 Member of Grand Jury European 

Since 2005 Taster for the “Espresso”  wine guide



2012 Wine Oscar for the best sommelier by Identità Golose international guide

2001 Wine Oscar for the best sommelier in Italy

2000 Nomination, Wine Oscar 2000 for the best sommelier in Italy

2000 “Palette of the world wine” project for the Hilton International 

1997 Master of Port 1997 for the best Sommelier in Italy



Arte e Scienza del Servizio (2004) - Bibliotheca Culinaria

Pasta alle Stelle (2002) - Bibliotheca Culinaria

Formaggio e Vino 2 (2001) -  Bibliotheca Culinaria


Ha assaggiato più di 70.000 VINI
ma è convinto che siano pochi!
Marco Reitano con Matteo Anselmi
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